Advantages of Shared Ownership

Advantages of Shared Ownership

Shared Ownership gives purchasers the opportunity to buy a fractional share of one of The Beach Villas to use privately, benefit from rentals administered by CrownDestinations, CrownWorld’s rental and property management division, or indeed exchange for an alternative holiday experience through our exchange programme.

Shared Ownership at The Beach Villas offers you a new and affordable option of owning an exclusive property in one of the most beautiful locations in the world.

Shared Ownership removes the hassle of owning a property full time, giving you the lifestyle that you want, when you want, at a fraction of the price; providing you with the use of an asset while reducing the responsibility of management and the cost of ownership. 

Real Estate investment experts agree that Shared Ownership, especially in iconic locations with high quality developments, such as The Beach Villas on Little Cayman, will continue to be a great investment.

In addition, industry watchers say that the Shared Ownership market is an excellent option for anyone looking for a property - there is clearly a market and future for Shared Ownership as a practical, sensible alternative to the outright ownership of a property.