Sustainable Design & Build

Sustainable Design & Build

The Beach Villas have been designed to maximise the natural beauty of Little Cayman and to minimise the impact on this pristine environment. The development is shaped by a responsibility to the environment and the desire to offer a fabulous home in harmony with nature. We believe in sustainable luxury – by offering exceptional comfort while protecting all that makes Little Cayman so unique.

CrownWorld will develop The Beach Villas by implementing green and sustainable practices, including the sourcing of materials, building methods, water and energy efficiency, as part of an ongoing commitment to the protection of the environment.

The construction of The Beach Villas will follow recommendations from the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) – an internationally-recognised green building certification program – which promotes a whole-building approach to sustainability in the following five areas of human and environmental health.

     One. Water Savings

     Two. Energy Efficiency

     Three. Materials Selection

     Four. Sustainable Site Development

     Five. Indoor Environmental Quality